Welcome to Art of the Fairy Tale.

A meaningful story can last a lifetime. Think about how true that is.

We all grew up with fairy tales in one form or another. For some of us, they conjure up comforting memories of having stories read to us at bedtime to lull us to sleep. For others, they became welcome escapes from childhoods rife with instability and fear. But no matter what, adults as well as children hold special places in their hearts for fairy tales, folklore, and the idea of imaginary places far away. This feeling, this longing for a return to the familiarity of our pasts and the safe worlds we remember from such stories is what I seek to create in my work. Perhaps part of the lure of the fairy tale is believing that we can make our own destinies come true in ways that make sense for us and who we really are.

I look forward to sharing my work and musings about the wonderful world of make believe. Thank you for stopping by.